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Have you had calls from ‘Microsoft’ or maybe HP or Dell telling you that your computer has faults and is sending error codes to them? 

They then offer to fix the problems for you.  All you have to do is download their remote support software and then they will be able to show you the problem and fix it…..  It sounds too good to be true…. and it is.

Every Windows machine will show an error of some kind in the event logs and this may or may not be a problem (mostly not) but showing you such an error is one of the techniques the scammers may use. However, whilst they are showing you the errors, they normally run a script (or two) in the background which is scanning the disk for ‘interesting files’ e.g. ones named ‘passwords’ or something similar.  This script is also making changes to your system in the event that you decide not to pay them lots of money to fix your system, which wasn’t broken !

A common change is to the browser that will appear to lock your system or they replace the start-up process and run a different program when you restart the computer…. the list goes on and on !

All of these little changes are there to make you pay for something that wasn’t broken. There is another catch, if you decline payment then the price increases every time and therefore adds pressure to you to comply.

Even if you comply and pay the money, it’s not over. Your details e.g. phone number and email etc., will then be sold on AND you will be put on the gullible list for future scammers !

So let’s get something straight ….. Microsoft/Dell/HP and all the other manufactures will NEVER call you ! They have no idea who and where you are. If you want support from these companies then you have to pay them vast amounts of money for a support contract and you don’t get that for free when you buy a PC !

Secondly, never install a remote control program unless you are sure and trust the ‘technician’.